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Photo by Shaun Elliott

"what kind of music do you make?"

Founded in Portland by Nolon Ashley in 2005, CULT OF ZIR emerged from basement psychosonic experiments and performative excursions and explorations with various friends, in basements and on stages, in forests and in deserts. The overarching theme since inception seems to hover around the need to communicate something for which known language is inadequate.  "Who or what is 'ZIR'?" indeed...

Having morphed in terms of style in the course of existing so far, CULT OF ZIR's present sound calls upon influences from post-punk, dance music, progressive rock, and improv jazz, interweaving between themes with a playfully distorted attitude of narrative experimentalism.  The result is an attempt at a kind of avante-pop information-age oracular folklore. 

Present day line-up finds Nolon joined by Tyler Kellogg and Joseph Harris, both known for their work in Aranya.

We see the present: Vignettes of existential breakdown. Extra-terrestrial karaoke fodder. Breakup songs for holy guardian angels. Post-primate fumblings after truth so-called. A series of tunnels connecting something to nothing. Insects feeding upon insects. Somebody make it stop.


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